7th International Conference 2009

6-8 October, Dakar, Senegal

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Keizer Karelplein 19
6211 TC Maastricht
The Netherlands

Contact persons:
Micheline Goedhuys (mrs)
Théophile Azomahou (mr)



Paper updates
Updated paper versions are accepted until September, 21. 

Organisation of parallel sessions

Paper presenters are invited to a 10 minutes presentation of their paper.  They can use power-point or other software presentations.  There will be overhead projection in each room.

After the paper presentations, the discussant(s) will comment on each paper individually.  After collecting the comments, the presenters will have the opportunity to reply and take questions from the audience. 

Each session also has a chairperson, to introduce the session, to keep track of the timing and to guarantee that the order of papers is respected. 

Arrival at Dakar Airport

Upon arrival at Dakar airport, you will find representatives from the Globelics Conference organisation.  They will be at the airport on a permanent basis, 24/24, from Sunday, October, 4, 11 am., until Tuesday, October, 6, 11am. 
Before and after this period, there will be representation of the Globelics Conference, yet not on a permanent basis, but based on the travel schedules you shared with us.   

The Globelics hosts will have a permanent desk that you will see upon arrival in the airport building.  From there, they will assist you in getting through the Immigration Department (especially for those who applied for visa through the conference services), and they will help you connect to the airport-hotel shuttle. 

Airport-hotel shuttle

In collaboration with Hotel des Almadies, an airport shuttle is arranged to bring all conference participants to the hotel.  This service is free for all registered participants.  Contact the Globelics hosts at the airport.  The distance between the airport and the hotel is approximately 10 km and will take about 10 minutes.

You can of course also take a taxi.  The taxis, coloured in black and yellow, are lined up at the outside of the airport.  A taxi to Pointe des Almadies and Hotel des Almadies will cost approximately 10-12 euro.  Before getting in the taxi, make sure you agree with the driver on the cost of transport, and underscore you will stick to that price.  Do not accept taxi proposals by individuals inside the airport as they may charge you excessive prices.  If you don't have FCFA (local currency) agree beforehand to pay in Euro or dollar


Click here (English) or here (French) for an overview of recommended vaccines and health precautions.

Health risks and pre-travel vaccination should be individually discussed with your doctor or with the doctor at a travel advice centre.  Please be assured that there will be permanently a medical doctor at the Globelics Conference for any health problems that might affect you.    

Weather and Climate

Senegal has a rainy season from July to late September, when temperatures reach 30°C.  From October to June, there is a dry ‘cool’ season with temperatures going down to 24°.  Early October, though, we can still expect temperatures of about 28-30°C, with occasional showers.   

The Conference period was chosen to be out of the rainy season.  However, we might still see the consequences of the heavy rains that fell during the month of September, as there is currently flooding in the surroundings of Dakar city- as in the whole of West Africa-, but not in Pointe des Almadies, where the conference hotels are located, nor in Dakar city. 

It is recommended to bring light cotton clothing.  Long sleeves and clothes covering most of the body are recommended, especially in the evening, as a natural barrier to mosquitos.


The unit of currency is the West African CFA franc (Communauté Financière Africaine Franc: 1000FCFA is approx. 1.5 EUR or  2.2 USD). Banks are found in all larger towns across the country. Banks and exchange bureaus tend to offer similar rates; the currency most easily changed is the euro.  Bankcards commonly used: Visa, followed by MasterCard and American Express.  

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