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Parallel sessions

A: Innovation in agriculture and sustainability

B: Learning, education, capabilities;

Biotech and Pharma

C: Growth;

ICT applications

D: FDI, spillovers and knowledge flows

E: Evidence on innovation in firms

F: Innovation policies and national innovation systems analysis

G Social dimensions of innovation

Wednesday 7 October

Session 1

Innovation in agriculture and resource based-sectors: systemic aspects

Education et développement

Explaining growth trajectories

Research networks and knowledge flows

Firm innovation strategies

Innovation policies for development

Innovation and the health care system

Session 2

Innovation in agriculture, sector studies

Education and capacity building

Institutions, trade and growth

University-industry linkages

Innovation and firm performance

Innovation systems and policy learning

Population, health and growth

Session 3

Sustainability and technology adoption in agriculture 

Globalisation and the building of absorptive capacity

Technical change and productivity growth

International knowledge spillovers

Measuring innovation: surveys and indicators

Innovation systems and policy actors

Social aspects of innovation

Session 4
(max. 3 papers)

Connaissance, invention, innovation et l'entrepreneur

Learning and capabilities, evidence from Latin America

Growth and environment

Adoption des TICs en Afrique

Indicators and measurement

The development of  innovation systems

Microfinance et développement

Thursday 8 October

Session 5

Innovation and technology adoption in agriculture

Globalisation, IP and innovation in biotech and pharmaceuticals

ICT applications

Migration, innovation et marché du travail

Innovation and diffusion of ICT

Industrial catching-up (RR-MM)

Gender aspects and innovation

Session 6

Innovation for sustainable energy

Innovation systems in biotechnology and  pharmaceuticals

Structure du marché et innovation;
Les TICs, études de cas

The role of developing countries in FDI and M&As

Human resources and innovation in firms

Innovation policy tools

Pro-poor innovation

Session 7

Energie, systèmes d’innovation

Social capital and entrepreneurship


FDI, spillovers and innovation

Eco-innovation and innovative performance of firms

Innovation research for development

Poverty dimensions


  French sessions

Full session details